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avatar Sletrry
21.01.2019, 13:23:48
3 meldinger

MapleStory 2 features lots of automation if you would like to spend the match up on it. Right in the beginning of the game it's possible to utilize an automobile quest feature that will run around and complete quests for you without you having to do something other than keep the conversation going.

It makes MapleStory 2 incredible accessible to those that might have difficulty with cellular games, for younger players still learning how to play video games generally, or also just for people that want to be lazy. For automobile quest to work though, you have to be trying to complete an energetic pursuit. It won't just do stuff for you without one. That's where auto battle comes from.

Auto battle in MapleStory 2 is unlocked at level 20 and operates a bit differently than auto quest. Auto battle is a farming/leveling tool which, when triggered, will begin to seek out enemies and fight anything around it for up to 2 hours every day. After two hours, you are going to cease, and will have to use either an automobile battle ticket (purchasable with real life money), or fight yourself again.

There are a number of perks for using this mechanic in MapleStory 2. First, and most obvious, is that you don't need to be physically present to control it. So say you wanted to do some light farming while out of the house, you can place MapleStory 2 onto auto struggle in an area where you wish to farm or degree upward, and the game will do all the job for you.

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avatar Ove Kvam
21.01.2019, 13:58:09
44927 meldinger

Hæ? Skal du selge en lang Hiace?

::: Det enkleste er ofte det beste :::

avatar 02-Henning
21.01.2019, 14:09:32
10372 meldinger

Visste ikke at du var på jakt etter Hikkas, Ove? Skal du begynne med varetransport i hjemmeperiodene?

Livet er for kjedelig til å kjøre korte biler.

avatar Ove Kvam
21.01.2019, 17:55:31
44927 meldinger

Nei, måtte være å selge til Afrika med fortjeneste.

::: Det enkleste er ofte det beste :::

avatar 02-Henning
21.01.2019, 23:17:40
10372 meldinger

Men er ikke Slettry i Afrika allerede da?

Livet er for kjedelig til å kjøre korte biler.
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